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Title: I Put a Spell on You
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Underappreciated Female Character: Alexandra Linus part 2



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Title: La Vie En Rose
Artist: Louis Armstrong
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When you kiss me heaven sighs, and though I close my eyes 
I see La Vie En Rose 

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Do I want to do her or do I want to be her?

- Ancient Queer Women Proverb

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me in high school: omg cant wait for college
me in college: omg cant wait for the 10 years between retirement and the cold embrace of the grave

show creator: i know what you are
bi character: say it. out loud.
show creator: ...not interested in labels
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Title: Jessie's Girl
Artist: Mary Lambert
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in which a gay cover of one of the most quintessential modern american love songs is a thing that exists

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5 minutes into watching a new show because you hear there are lesbians in it like


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seeing as its national coming out day, id like to let everyone know that im coming out of my cage and ive been doing just fine gotta gotta be down because i want it all

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17-year-old me who hated kristen stewart would probably be horrified to know how badly 22-year-old me wants to fuck kristen stewart

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hey isnt that jonas brother a disney kid

and now he’s half naked everywhere

and everyone is admiring him for growing up so nicely

wasnt miley cyrus a disney kid too

and she was half naked everywhere

and everyone freaked their fuckin shit

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